If you want to go fast, go alone

If you want to go far, go together

(African proverb)

At Sinai Free Synagogue our students become a part of a multi-generational commitment to lifelong learning. We encourage students to ask many questions as they find their own path and passions within the framework of living a Jewish life.

We embark on a journey via a rich, multi-faceted curriculum, Kindergarten through post-confirmation, which includes holidays, Jewish history, culture, rituals and traditions, bible study, Hebrew, ethics, philosophy, current events, and an understanding of the history of the land of Israel, past and present.

Our teachers recognize and nurture the unique gifts and talents of each child in our sacred community and provide opportunities for creative exploration by way of vocal and instrumental music, creative writing and visual arts, literature, cooking, gardening and service to others.

We are on this journey together (B'yachad), nurturing sparks of eternal light. We encourage our students to continue the journey with us by becoming teaching assistants, fanning these sparks into clear and lasting flames.

"Sinai Free Synagogue igniting the sparks of eternal light in our students."