Religious School Director

Elizabeth Sternlieb, Educational Director/Principal

ELIZABETH STERNLIEB has been our Cantor for over 13 years. Having taught 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade in our religious school, she now serves as our religious school director. Elizabeth holds a masters degree in Jewish Studies from Gratz College and was ordained at the Academy For Jewish Religion. She has B.S. in Music Education (K-12) and has also been a private music and voice teacher in Westchester county for over 20 years. Cantor Liz brings warmth, energy, innovation and creativity to educational programming and curriculum design.

Elizabeth is a ritual artist, creating current, meaningful and individualized Shabbat, festival, holiday and life cycle events. Two years ago she received the Hannah Timmoner award from ARC (The Association for Rabbis and Cantors) for a ritual she designed called “The Three Veils” ceremony. This ceremony is offered to honor a young woman as she steps into adult life and prepares to head to college. (The ceremony can be adjusted to celebrate a young man in a similar way.) This ritual is available online at ARC and was also published by

As an educator, Cantor Liz has organized class retreats designed both for spiritual and personal reflection and to help students bond with one another. In her pulpit work, Elizabeth strives to expand the musical repertoire of the Synagogue, innovating new musical experiences throughout the year. A string quartet for High Holidays embellishes the liturgy, and leads the congregation in participatory improvisational chanting of liturgy and scripture.

When Elizabeth is not teaching in the school or on the Bimah you will find her at the piano composing original liturgical settings, in the studio recording, rehearsing or onstage in concert.

In addition to Liturgical and Classical concerts Elizabeth recently began performing Jazz standards with an extraordinary new jazz quartet and released an album in January 2014 of secular jazz standards, "It Never Entered My Mind" featuring selections by Porter, Mercer, Berlin and Gershwin and others. The CD is available through the Synagogue office. You can listen to Cantor Liz's beautiful and uplifting voice, some of her original music, as well as a selection of of our favorite congregational melodies at the Cantor's Corner.