Other Opportunities to Give

Over the years, our synagogue has established giving opportunities to enable congregants to show their support in special ways (e.g., in honor of a simcha, in memory of a loved one, for a special project). Each contribution, with the exception of those shown below, requires a minimum donation of $5.00, with checks made payable to Sinai Free Synagogue.

For the benefit of new members, as well as those who may have forgotten the genesis and purpose of the various giving opportunities, the following is meant to serve as a brief guide.

Simcha Fund

Contributions to the Simcha Fund allow donors to offer well-wishes to a friend or loved one on a special occasion, such as an anniversary or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. These donations go toward general operating expenses.

Commemorative Fund

The Commemorative Fund is a way to memorialize a friend or family member. These donations also go toward general operations.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund

Families may choose to donate to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund in order to mark a special occasion at which Rabbi Barzilai officiated, such as a baby naming. Contributions are directed as the Rabbi chooses, often to help the needy.

Cantor's Discretionary Fund

Donations also may be made to the Cantor's Discretionary Fund. Contributions are used by Cantor Sternlieb to purchase music and other necessities for enhancing our musical experience at services and in our Religious School.

Religious School Scholarship Fund

Your donations to the Religious School Scholarship Fund help to ensure that all of our children will receive a quality Jewish education.

Children's Library

Contributions to the Children's Library Book Fund are used to purchase books for our Religious School library.

Prayer Book Fund

A $15.00 donation to the Prayer Book Fund will result in a book plate being placed in an existing prayer book, while a $25.00 donation goes toward buying a new prayer book for our sanctuary (with, of course, a book plate).

Capital Improvements

Contributions to the Capital Campaign are used for decorating and outfitting our beautiful building. Artwork, furniture, landscaping, signboards, and any other capital purchases are from this fund.

Dr. Herbert Freudenberger/Gail Challop Backer Fund

The Dr. Herbert Freudenberger Fund and the Gail Challop Backer Fund allow donors to honor the memory of Dr. Freudenberger, a long-time congregant and late husband of Arlene, or Gail Challop Backer, late sister of honorary trustee, Dr. Roger Challop.

Rabbi Max Maccoby Memorial Foundation

Donations to the Rabbi Max Maccoby Memorial Foundation, named after the former Free Synagogue of Westchester's first rabbi, are directed by the Foundation toward scholarships for our religious school students. The Foundation also has helped some students travel to Israel, attend a URJ summer camp, and participate in a class trip to the Holocaust Museum.