Giving Opportunities

Like many nonprofit institutions such as hospitals and universities, Sinai Free Synagogue does not cover its operating expenses through dues alone.

The generosity congregants show -- through their Kol Nidre donations, their ads in the Congregant of the Year Journal, and their donations to the Simcha, Commemorative, and other funds (as further explained below) -- significantly helps to close this gap. To help further in this regard, we have instituted the Sinai Free Synagogue Benefactor Program.

Benefactors are recognized each year with the placement in the synagogue of an engraved plaque in bronze, silver, or gold, and a listing in the Congregant of the Year Journal. If you wish to participate, please send your check with a note indicating you would like to be a Benefactor.

These funds are used to subsidize those congregants who are unable, due to financial hardship, to pay their full dues. The Benefactor funds also subsidize our Religious School where tuition covers only a portion of the actual costs. Please consider making Sinai Free Synagogue the primary recipient of your generosity.

Benefactor Levels 

Gold: $3,000.00 or more
Silver: $1,500.00 or more

Bronze: $1,000.00 or more