Adult Hebrew Study

If you are interested in studying Hebrew please contact Rabbi Barzilai. We are planning a beginner's class that will probably meet on Monday evenings. Come learn to read our common prayers in Hebrew. No prior knowledge required. Let us know if you would like us to offer a modern Hebrew class as well.

Book Discussion Group

Have you read any good books lately? Would you like to participate in a book discussion group? Do you prefer fiction? Non-fiction? Books with a Jewish theme? If you are interested in joining an SFS book club, call the Synagogue office.

Torah Study

An early sage once commented on the Torah: "Turn it and turn it and you will find all there is to know."

If you join us at our weekly Torah Study Class, presided over by Rabbi Barzilai, you too may "find all there is to know." Every Saturday morning we explore the week's Torah portion, sometimes get a slant from the Haftorah (the reading from the Prophets), sometimes read a scholarly commentary from the Jewish press. And we always share a few of our own interpretations and insights.

We pride ourselves on lively discussion and a good deal of give and take. We wind up with a song and a "Shabbat Shalom" to all.

No previous knowledge is required. In fact, many of us are beginners. All you need is a desire to listen, to think, and to learn. If you are comfortable (or more likely "when" you are comfortable) you are encouraged to jump in and share your own ideas.

No long-term commitment is required on your part. It's perfectly okay to drop in whenever you can. We meet in the library of the Administration Building, and there is always coffee and a little nosh.

Please check the Calendar to see what time we meet.