In the Community

Drivers Needed

Need a ride to Synagogue, or anywhere else? Can you give someone a ride? If you need a ride or are ready to drive, please call the Synagogue office at 664-1727.

Sunrise Assisted Living

As we expand our activities with our neighbor, Sunrise Assisted Living, we are looking for volunteers to lead a variety of activities for the residents. These include helping with the "beyond bingo" program daily at 3:30, walking with the residents, wood-working, arts and crafts, providing weekend entertainment (songs, guitar, piano), stopping by with a group of younger children, etc. If you would like to contribute your talents, please call the Synagogue office.

Please note that we conduct a "Welcome Shabbat" service at Sunrise at 3:30 every Friday afternoon. Volunteers are needed to help with this service. Please call the Synagogue office.

Feeding Those in Need

Can you spend an hour or so each morning helping out at the breakfast program run by Community Service Associates? The group, which serves breakfast in the dining hall of Sacred Heart Church (116 Sharpe Boulevard South, in Mount Vernon) is seeking volunteers who can arrive at 7 a.m. (or a little before) and stay for about an hour, serving and cleaning up after the meal. (All food is prepared in advance.) This is an especially vital service for children, who need this most important meal of the day. If you can help, please call director Roberta Apuzzo at 914-668-1428.